Terms of Service

Images produced at a photoshoot are copyright to Light Aspect Images.  The photoshoot fee covers the session, image processing and delivery.  Light Aspect Images reserves the right to use any and all images for marketing purposes.  This is the industry standard in relation to commercial photography and the Copyright Act (1998)

Images produced by Light Aspect Images are owned by Light Aspect Images.  The photoshoot fee payable grants the client/listing agent a licence to use the images in print and online for the duration of the sales campaign.
For rental photography the images are licenced for use by the agency for the duration of the property’s management. 
Light Aspect Images requires attribution/credit/tagging for images produced when they are shared via social media and in newspaper or magazine editorials both online and in print.
Where a property does not sell and is re listed by a new agency, the new agency must contact Light Aspect Images if they wish to use the images previously captured.  A re licencing fee of $85 is payable for use of the images.
Usage of images by a third party is not permissible unless agreed upon in writing with Light Aspect Images.
Payment terms are strictly 21 days from invoice date unless alternate payment arrangements have been made in advance.  The licence to use the images expires if payment has not been received at 21 days.  A late payment fee of $15 will be applied on the first day past due.
Payment is due whether the photos are used or not and whether or not the listing agency has received payment of fees from their client.
If invoices remain outstanding for more than 14 days after the due date, Light Aspect Images will not schedule any future photoshoots until all invoices are paid in full.  Any costs resulting from debt recovery actions are to be paid by the client.

Images for Real Estate Sales and Rentals are delivered by the close of business on the next business day in both print and web resolution.  The link to download will remain active for 7 days.  It is the client’s responsibility to safely store and archive images once delivered.  Light Aspect Images is under no obligation to store, retain or archive images once they have been delivered to the client.
Delivery time frames for all other services may differ and approximate delivery times will be advised.

All images delivered to the client are processed to ensure consistency in exposure, density and colour correction.  Additional editing will incur additional costs.  Images must not be edited by anyone other than Light Aspect Images.
‘Photoshopping’ of images is at an extra cost.  It is best to present the property as envisioned as photoshop in not a cleaner nor a declutterer.  Items visible with the eye will be visible in the photograph.   Images will not be photoshopped in a way that will mis represent the property at the time of sale.